Semantic Inequality in Technology

The curse of the homophones plagues the world as we know it. Lack of study and knowledge on the subject creates ignorance and inequality in the workplace, at home and online. Understanding the art of the homophone will make your text conversation flow with precision and grammatical accuracy, unhindered by the criticism of those that know better in using the homophone.
A homophone is a word that sounds the same, yet has a different meaning from another word. The greatest examples include: there, their, they're, its and it's, bare and bear, and wear and where. These homophones make online communication a nightmare as people use them incorrectly in written text. The respectability and meaning of text is lost if you use homophones incorrectly. Remember that most spelling and grammar check software will but more emphasis on spelling, and since a homophone error is grammatical, most software will often place a secondary mark or even ignore it. Be wary when using such software to ensure that the best corrections are accessed and addressed. Remember that many spelling and grammar programs need to be switched manually to check both spelling and grammar. Always ensure that homophones are used correctly, or you will lose respect both from your coworkers and your online audience.

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The Art of Grammar

Grammar keeps the language of society together. If we as a society abandon grammar, we lose all progress made in linguistics, and ultimately in history. Understanding grammar takes time and practice, but if you hold true to the grammatical principles you have learned, your text messages, emails, online publications and other written works will gain respectability and power over the audience, showing them your intelligence in grammar and therefore expertise in the written material.

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Peace in Spelling

The spell check is your friend. Spell check software makes the world a more wholesome and peaceful place, bringing correct spelling to a world otherwise thrown into darkness and chaos. However, the spell check software must be used properly. Often times you may be tempted to create your own spelling, using the infamous 'add to dictionary' option, located in the right click tab on most spelling software programs. Resist the urge to create chaos with false spelling.

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